Welcome to the universe — season 1!

Sorry for the bad English, we’ll try to align the site a little later)

The web series itself was translated into English — fine.

» Hello! My name is Paul — I am the director and the main loner in everything in the web series Universe «

I invite you to my world of Another reality! Let’s solve the mystery of the universe together? Do you want to know our human destiny? We have our whole life ahead of you — to find out the truth, to find out what the Universe is, what is it made of? what is humanity, and what is our destiny!

For example, I won’t calm down — until I find out who created us and why)))

All my thoughts, versions, tips, secrets, intrigues, and investigations, I reflected in my web series Universe!

If you are interested, then I will be a happy person in this life and I will understand my purpose, and then, I will take care of you) so that you understand your — the meaning of life!

And here is the Announcement of the first episode of the Cult from the first season)
Look and decide for yourself … Do you really need this?

If you liked it, then go on the path to the Universe with us! Use the MENU — to follow!