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Russian Art House Cinema - art film, independent film, auteur films, experimental films, art house cinemas, american art film, mainstream film, realism film, violent films, controversial film, short film: The best short films and cartoons are incredibly dynamic, they grab the viewer's attention from the first seconds. - Let me introduce you to an unusual project right now, <p></p><p></p> If you are in a positive mood, then let's get acquainted! <p></p><p></p> Hey! My name is Paul Latushkin, I am the director of the Amateur web series Universe! I have shot for three seasons and have already spent more than 7 million rubles in my project in 10 years! My series about the universe is about an ordinary couple of lovers ... <p></p><p></p> You will see a fascinating production, plot, filmed at home. <p></p><p></p> I will call myself a professional only when I gain at least a few walls of millions of views (for example, the final episode of the third season)))) … <p></p><p></p> in the meantime, I am an amateur and I am ready to present my project to you! What is he about? <p></p><p></p> The new result lowers the odds that the initial experiment was just a fluke, or that it was caused by an error in the experimental system. “It’s basically a completely different experiment and they still see the same thing,” Galon explained. “So, it would have to have been a very weird systematic effect to appear in two different target setups and two different experimental systems.” <p></p><p></p> Another reality is a parallel world, another world, illusions and hallucinations of characters, caused by something evil and unidentified ... <p></p><p></p> You will find an announcement for the first episode on the pages of our site - the first season - use the menu to open the page and watch the Universe web series for the time being for FREE !!! <p></p><p></p>

An amateur director from Omsk organized the premiere of his series Universe for Internet users with coupons in the cityOrlando USA

Well, your expectations are over! The premiere of the new series has already begun and you can watch the series already today, people can pass by, but for us this project cannot be missed, this is just a masterpiece, I’m not afraid of this word, I don’t think there is something like that for our series, this project is more inclined towards mysticism than to a creepy and scary story, but this is also enough there, so for you a special premiere on special vouchers with a big discount in the cityOrlando USA

Our series covers many topics — develops different directions about mysticism and about fiction — this is one belief that you should expect from watching -The infinity of space is present mainly in philosophical views. In modern science, as it turned out, the boundaries have become more real and distinct. Only no matter how progress develops, the question of what is beyond these boundaries still remains open.

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If anything, read the information below about our series — if you are on the site for the first time …

To date — I have filmed 3 seasons of 10 episodes, and it will be a fun journey, since right now I have started filming season 4 … So join our Premiere in the city as soon as possible.Orlando USA

1) the series Universe is AMATEUR, so there is no multi-million dollar budget for filming, there are no celebrities, there are no special effects either … but there is a soul, there are emotions, there is a good musical accompaniment and there is, first of all, HISTORY, which, as the audience said from the test shows, is history which is interesting to spy on and wait for what will happen next.

2) the series Universe is not such a project as all films and TV series, it has a character, it has an understanding that the meaning of life lies in the state of our soul, we are surrounded by a lot of banality and * everyday life *, it’s time to forget about it, put it off for a long time box and immerse yourself in a story … which at first glance may even load you, shock you … but then a kind of trance will happen, and you will start thinking about it … and not only think, or maybe even want to review it again, so that understand all this from the other side … and most importantly, you will wait for the end … because only there, you will see the whole truth …

3) the series Universe is definitely not a story for one season … at least * 3 seasons * — * 3 stories about another reality * — * 3 seasons — to understand WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE *

What the first episode is about: Let’s try not to write an abstruse description, but post what exactly the first episode is about, the first episode called «Cult»:

Alice comes to her beloved boyfriend Dima, to live in a village where they need to plant a garden together and repair the hearth, but … as soon as Alice crossed the threshold of this house, otherworldly forces attacked her. They pursue her everywhere, try to scare and kick her out of the house, or even … plunge into incomprehensible dreams. All this is not accidental, Alice has yet to find out the whole truth of what is happening …

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Welcome to the world of another reality and Enjoy your viewing!

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