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Art house aims to express the author’s point of view, and here it is closely related to the definition of auteur cinema. Often, in auteur cinema, the director also plays the role of: — screenwriter, — operator, — editor, — composer — or all of the above, plus he also plays the main role.-But a person cannot be aware of his other selves — or even his death — that exist in parallel universes. So how could we ever know if the Many-Worlds theory is correct? Assurance that the interpretation is theoretically possible came in the late 1990s from a thought experiment — an imagined experiment used to theoretically prove or disprove an idea — called quantum suicide. (You can learn more about it in How Quantum Suicide Works.)-Hardly anyone will like such a belief — but if you, my dear viewer, are not like everyone else, then all my beliefs are the reality of our everyday life — and this means that you will like my series Universe and you will watch online it with pleasure-Watch Online Movies & Films-from of (season 1) Universe seriesFind yourself in another reality-Let me introduce you to an unusual project right now,If you are in a positive mood, then let’s get acquainted!Hey! My name is Paul Latushkin, I am the director of the Amateur Universe TV series! I have shot for three seasons and have already spent more than 7 million rubles in my project in 10 years! My series about the universe is about an ordinary couple of lovers …You will see a fascinating production, plot, filmed at home.I will call myself a professional only when I gain at least a few of millions of views (for example, the final episode of the third season)))) …in the meantime, I am an amateur and I am ready to present my project to you!