Premiere: Another Reality Gets Bigger, Web Series Universe watch the premiere in the city London Ontario CA

Mini Series 2020 New Russian - art film, independent film, auteur films, experimental films, art house cinemas, american art film, mainstream film, realism film, violent films, controversial film, short film: In fact, in such films, not so complex topics are studied, different from classic cinema. The bottom line is that the director conveys them in the most non-standard ways, often changing the usual form of the film for this, another feature is the slow delivery. - Let me introduce you to an unusual project right now, <p></p><p></p> If you are in a positive mood, then let's get acquainted! <p></p><p></p> Hey! My name is Paul Latushkin, I am the director of the Amateur web series Universe! I have shot for three seasons and have already spent more than 7 million rubles in my project in 10 years! My series about the universe is about an ordinary couple of lovers ... <p></p><p></p> You will see a fascinating production, plot, filmed at home. <p></p><p></p> I will call myself a professional only when I gain at least a few walls of millions of views (for example, the final episode of the third season)))) … <p></p><p></p> in the meantime, I am an amateur and I am ready to present my project to you! What is he about? <p></p><p></p> What is the meaning of life? To that end, what is meant by the meaning of life? Is it the meaning of human life in general, or the meaning of life to each particular person living it? Many people find the question of the meaning of life a religious one. As John argues, our lives could stand for something or be given meaning by a deity just as we give meaning to the words we utter. But, Ken objects, why should we have meaning simply because we were created by God? There is always the question of how God got his/her meaning. Furthermore, as Kant argued, human beings could just as plausibly be ends in themselves with the autonomy to define their own meaning for their lives. Even if there isn't an answer to the question of life's meaning, there is still the need to get through the day to day. Perhaps the question is not so much about the meaning of life, but about living it- answering the question “How should I live?” and finding something beyond yourself to help discover an answer. <p></p><p></p> Secret Organization holds a super-powerful weapon against humanity in its walls, and this project features a name - "Nastya". Nastya features a multiple split of temperament, that horrifies everybody, even the "Secret Organization". staffsquare measure killed, however before they died innocent folks ... that is why they unfree her ... however can they be able to restrain Nastya in their fetters? finally, her strength began to grow by the minute ... <p></p><p></p> You will find an announcement for the first episode on the pages of our site - the first season - use the menu to open the page and watch the Universe web series for the time being for FREE !!! <p></p><p></p>

For 10 years, film agents and film distributors have been scrapping this show because we don’t know their bosses!

I’m sure you’ve never seen anything like it. I invite you to your world! Web series «Universe» based on the stories of Alexander Ragozin «On the other side» — premiere in the city London Ontario CA

Dilettante Paull Latushkin from Russia, from the very heart of Siberia presents the web series «Universe» and organizes the premiere in the cityLondon Ontario CA

Every day — morning, afternoon, evening and night … you have a lot of things to do, a lot of worries and a lot of friends … And if I say that I can fill your soul?

It’s time to get out of the basement, as there is no patience for rudeness on the part of streaming services … meet the Premiere of our series in your cityLondon Ontario CA

Russian premiere screening of the new web series «Universe».

And first of all I want to assure you that right now another reality has begun, especially for you!

It also happens that you live your calm life, and then I enter it and share my thoughts, into understanding what the Universe is, who people are, who we are and what our mission is …

The first episode «Cult» of the web series «Universe» is a cycle about the Universe of a different reality. Initially, there was a plan — to make a film and call it «Cult», but it is impossible to just make a film and put all the beauty of the plot, so the plot of the film fits perfectly into the plot of the Universe web series …

Alice comes to her beloved boyfriend Dima, to live in a village where they need to plant a garden together and repair the hearth, but … as soon as Alice crossed the threshold of this house, otherworldly forces attacked her. They pursue her everywhere, try to scare and kick her out of the house, or even … plunge into incomprehensible dreams. All this is not accidental, Alice has yet to find out the whole truth of what is happening …

My name is Paul, I have been walking towards my dream for exactly 10 years and now the time has come, I am in front of you, naked … I present to you my creation in your city London Ontario CA

Exactly 10 years ago, I went to my dream … “I tried to get on TV, to cinemas, to clubs … and now I knock on streaming services, and everything repeats itself …

With these standard distribution schemes — I just lost 10 years of my life …

Now all the hope is on the Internet that viewers will find me, because in 10 years there were many test shows … and during this time I collected rating and statistics, in general, in the end — my series scored 6 points out of 10, which is equivalent to 6 people who want to watch the entire series of 10 people! Therefore, I invite you to watch our web series in your city.London Ontario CA

Kumbek of the year, not otherwise Web Series Universe, this series can be discussed forever, but let’s not waste time, go to watch the completely new Series Universe

The series about a Young couple is moving to its first house in a secluded village in order to arrange their joint future. The house is very nice, the atmosphere is idiallic and the silence is unusual for a city dweller

Local authorities make it clear that to start a new stage of life together, it was impossible to make a better decision than to settle in their unique corner. And all this (as you might guess in advance), a piece of cheese in a giant mousetrap

But that’s not all … there is a riddle in our Premiere — if you pass it, then consider that you are dedicated -Try to seal the ball with willpower.

To date — I have filmed 3 seasons of 10 episodes, and it will be a fun journey, since right now I have started filming season 4 … So join our Premiere in the city as soon as possible.London Ontario CA

Welcome to the world of another reality!

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