S01.Ep03 — Web Series Universe Russia — Episode premiere October 12, 2021 — (Coupon Promo Code is on the homepage)




The main plot is anomalous catacombs, Madina tells about them. The victims get there and become different …

The story about the girl Selena, who is writing a book about another reality … Selena has a friend — a little girl Sonya and their friend Sashka … Selena has strange dreams, about Vitaly Vitalievich — how he found himself in the catacombs and a strange power seized him … Selena was getting worse and they all together decided to come to that place — Upper Karbush, which Selena described in her books … Selena, Sonya and Sasha — entered those very catacombs …. And someone attacked Selena …

The house where Madina lives — This is a place for strange people who have visited the abandoned catacombs, and the catacombs are an anomalous zone, into which if a person enters, he will not return the same. Madina wants to help them so that they return to normal life, but there are more problems than it seemed initially, since Madina and her not quite adequate boyfriend Daniel drowned one of their wards …

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